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Our mission is to

''Level The Playing Field''


We don’t fix communities or people; we share ways to recognise and value the strengths and qualities within the community and its people and find ways to celebrate together.




Tool Sharing Package 


AIM - To make the world a more fair place - by sharing the tools and resources, normally reserved for “business professionals” with young people and communities to support them to make the changes they want to make.

Community Connecting Day Workshop


AIM - To work alongside people in communities to connect, find and build on strengths within the community and share the tools and resources. Enable people to take control and make better decisions, making a positive difference for themselves, their families and in their communities.

“This is not just another training session. The tools are real and adaptable to help you focus on tasks whether at home or work and enable you to use the different one’s to help you manage and relieve anxiety and depression.” 

Central England Cooperative, Mental Health Champion

“Enjoyable sessions with something for everyone.Can pick and choose which tool to use according to each individual young person.” 

YMCA Manager

Wicked Spreadsheet Workshop


In conjunction with Co-operatives Assistance Network LTD we have a WICKED SPREADSHEET to share. It'll help you assess the viability of taking over land or buildings. To find out more click on the button below.

Include us in your bid


Looking to connect people? Looking for ideas? Looking for fun,interactive and useful tools that can help you deliver your project. Include £5k in the bid and get an 8 week TH!NKing tools course, a community connecting workshop and 100 physical copies of your very own journal. We can add a Wicked Spreadsheet Workshop too if you are planning a building takeover!

Past Projects and Stories

TH!NK FC ( origianally the hero project) started life in 2016. As part of our work we created exhibitions including the famous 50

and the geordie heroes for the home office.

In 2019 we changed our name to TH!NK FC to recognise our focus on sharing the thinking tools that we have been developing.

Here are some of the things we have done to date.

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