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Tools and Resources

Our Tools Are As Simple As Possible And As Complicated As Necessary


We have a range of Tools and resources that can help solve problems. There are lots of tools for different jobs, we can share these with you so you can learn how to use them and share them too.

Check out our Tools and Resources or have a go at our What Could I Bird Challenge below.



Our TH!NK tools have been adapted from business and personal development tools usually reserved for adults and professional. We believe our tools are suitable for everyone

and we share them with people of all ages to help them make the difference they want to make.


Books and Journals


For each tool we are created a book designed to share the story can be used in a fun way. Suitable for adults and children alike. Feel free to have a read...




We have developed our useful planners to help you plan all sorts of different projects. From our simple weekly planner to our business finance planner. Whatever your goal we have a range of planners to help you get started.


Community Connecting Resources


From session starters to fun activities you can do independently or in your community. We have a selection of fun and useful resources including our popular Community Asset Bingo.

What is Your Challenge?


We all face many different types of challenge in all of our lives. For many of these we are well equipped to meet them. There are some challenges where a little more thought and a new perspective may help. We can introduce you to tools which are proven to work and which you will find useful. Our tools can help meet your challenge. Do you want to achieve a goal, solve a problem or would like to explore some new possibilities? Our tools can also be used in communities to bring people together.


What Tool Might I need?

If you are unsure of what tool you might need why not work through our flowchart to help you decide.​​


W.C.I.B Challenge 

Why not have a go at making our What Could I Bird and see what you think?

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